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“At a really simple level, travel photography provides a visual record of places visited. But at it’s best, it can provide an insight into the world at large and all it’s diversity” – Richard I’Anson

Hello! My name is Mikee and welcome to my journal.

Currently residing in San Diego, CA, I’m a Creative Director for Drjays.com and Freelance Photographer who is obsessed with food, traveling and my two dogs. I love chatting over a good cup of coffee or a really well-made old fashioned. If I’m not working or traveling, I’m usually spending time with friends and family.

My photographic journey began at a really young age with an obsession with disposable cameras but it wasn’t until I got my first digital camera where I realized this could be a thing. My mom bought me a Sony Mavica for Christmas, it was this amazing 0.3 megapixel camera that recorded images onto a 3.5” floppy disk. It was like magic.

In college, I took a black and white photography course as an elective towards my BA in Graphic Design. Just like with design, I wanted to learn the basic principles of photography. It was there that I started to understand the art of composition and how to engage with my viewfinder in order to see things in a way the naked eye sometimes takes for granted.

So here I am today using both my design background as well as my love for photography as the driving point of my career. The two are so intertwined that my approach to design is very much similar to my approach to photography.

As a result, the combination of the two have crafted my photojournalistic style and minimalistic design aesthetic.

Design will always be the basis of my aesthetic but photography will always be my first love.

Aside from seeing images from my latest projects, you’ll also find posts about places I’ve traveled, camera and tech gear or anything else creative/photo related. Below is a list of places you can find me on the web.



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