Hardgraft Fuzzy iPhone Cover Review

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One of the most beautifully crafted cases I’ve even come across.

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I’ve been eyeing Hardgraft for quite some time now and this is my first purchase from them and I couldn’t be happier. The instant I saw their packaging, I just knew the product was going to be of highest quality. When a company focuses on details such as packaging, 9 out of 10 times it means they’re a company who cares about craftsmanship.

Hardgraft Fuzzy iPhone Cover
Gorgeous printed foil stamp

Hardgraft Fuzzy iPhone Cover

And that’s just the shopping bag the case comes in. The case itself comes in a simple black box with the iPhone case inside a, what feels like, hand-crafted gray bag.

Hardgraft Fuzzy iPhone Cover

The case is absolutely gorgeous and feels smooth and light in the hands. The difference in heft is quite noticeable coming from Apple’s leather case. The color in my opinion is also very lux. My only concern is how this will hold up to dirt and heavy use. I wonder if the color will retain it’s beautiful light gray hue or if the material will pick up dirt easily. I guess only time will tell.

As far as drops go, I never really consider that kind of protection when getting a simple iPhone cover/case. I’m fairly certain it would protect the sides from dents from drops but the screen is never safe from drops on cases like these. The edges of the case do protrude slightly over the screen so you can lay your phone upside-down without the glass touching the surface.

Lastly, the functionality of the buttons are amazing! It’s feels as tactile as pressing the buttons on a naked iPhone. I don’t know how they did it, but it feels crazy good.

Super happy with this purchase and I can’t wait for my next Hardgraft product.

Hardgraft Fuzzy iPhone Cover
Hardgraft Fuzzy iPhone Cover
Hardgraft Fuzzy iPhone Cover
Color matches my BeoPlay H6
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4 thoughts on “Hardgraft Fuzzy iPhone Cover Review

    • Hey Jack,

      The back cover is actually holding up quite well and while it’s not as clean and perfect as it was out of the box, it still has a nice look to it. I was scared it would get grimy quick from picking up dust and dirt from table tops but it still looks and feels good. Hope that helps!

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