Luxebell C200 Aluminium Shell for GoPro Hero 4

Admittedly, I was looking for a cool looking case for my new GoPro Hero4 Silver. While the underwater housing it comes with works well for its intended use, I never liked the look of them and I disliked not having access to ports I use often. The underwater case also muffles the sound. While traveling, I’m constantly recharging my equipment on the go, usually in a car while venturing to our next adventure. This aluminum shell allows for that easy access.

Regarding “looking cool” I’ve had many people ask me about the case both in person as well as on social media. It just looks really cool in my opinion.

Aside from the looks, the feel is also amazing. It’s well built, the finish is top quality and it protects the GoPro from nearly every angle. I love that it has tripod screw threads on both top and bottom allowing me to attach a GoPro mount on the bottom while allowing easy access to attach it to my tripod upside down, which works well with the “auto” function that allows you to record upside down automatically flipping the footage right side up.

There is absolutely not vignetting in both wide and superview mode in video and no vignetting in wide mode for photos. The people reporting vignetting are either using a different filter, have a faulty filter or may be doing something wrong.

Holding the camera with shell on also feels great. I can’t really explain it other than it just feels really good in the hands. While it does add about 50g more (vs. GoPro + Underwater housing), it’s almost negligible.

As far as I can tell, the only button non accessible is the button to toggle the LCD on/off. You have to push the back plate up in order to push the button. For me, it doesn’t bother me because 95% of the time, I’m letting the LCD turn off on its own anyway. If that button is important to you, you’re still able to leave the back plate off as the camera is secure with the tightening screw on the side.

Overall, for this price point, it’s a near perfect housing for when you don’t need to be waterproof. Super happy with this case.

luxe bell c200 GoPro Hero 4 Silver










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