Neighbor Outdoor Sofa and Furniture Review

Neighbor Outdoor Sofa and Furniture Review
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Ever since our backyard remodel last year, we’ve been holding out looking for the right outdoor sofa and furniture. Our main goal was to find a sofa that could withstand the elements while also match our aesthetic, which the theme we’re going for here is a Mediterranean modern vibe.

And while the aesthetic is important, comfort is as well. And I think we’ve found it. Read on to learn more!

Neighbor Sofa Review
Haven Sofa from Neighbor in the color “Canvas”

I can’t say enough good things about all the furniture that we ordered from Neighbor. From ordering on the website, to delivery and finally assembly, it’s an A+ experience, 10/10 highly recommend.

And even better is they care about both aesthetics, quality and sustainability:

“When designing Neighbor’s outdoor furniture, it was essential that we found durable, weather-resistant materials that didn’t sacrifice beauty or feel. While there was a world of potential materials to choose from, finding something that wouldn’t harm the environment was our priority. After hours of researching, designing, and testing, we decided on materials that would ensure sustainability, durability, and of course comfort.”

A company that cares is a company I’m willing to support so long as their products match their mission statement. Let’s dive deeper…


If you’ve taken a few deliveries of furniture, you know the pains of a hit or miss service.

I’m a sucker for efficient packaging with really good branding as well. Neighbor does not disappoint here and the fact that its outdoor furniture is even more impressive.

The Haven Sofa is packaged in boxes that you can handle on your own. We received 6 boxes for the Haven Sofa and that will depend on your configuration. 3 boxes for each seat and another 3 for each cushion. All delivered via FedEx! Impressive!

Each box is also labeled clearly with the corresponding color so you can double check that you have the right order. The overall experience of taking delivery just made it more exciting to assemble and that we did.


Can we say easy peasy?! Check out our assembly reel here!

You literally just line everything up and use the hex bolts and Allen wrench to piece together and tighten and that’s it. The only other tool you need is a screw driver for a few screws.

We were lounging in no time.

Tip: Use a blanket when laying the it out… you don’t want to scratch the teak on the floor.


The four main materials here are teak, cushions, fabric and marine grade hardware. The teak is this beautiful honey colored vibe that looks perfect in our Mediterranean-Modern inspired backyard aesthetic. From all the research I’ve done… teak seems to be the best wood to handle the outdoors with it’s natural oil that repels water, making it resistant to wood rot, fungi and pests. And many say it gets better with age.

The cushions while being foam is actually super comfortable. The reason for use of foam (which they created in house) is that they’re quick drying and porous so water flows through the cushion without becoming trapped. This means the cushions are less susceptible to rot or mildew while still being extremely comfortable.

We also knew that we wanted Sunbrella Fabric for our outdoor furniture. Ask anyone in the business and they’ll tell you that Sunbrella Fabric is the way to go outdoors for its fade and mildew resistant properties.

And no detail goes unnoticed with the marine grade hardware. You don’t want any rusty bolts. All their hardware is made to withstand exposure to the open ocean. Whether the furniture is exposed to endless rain or sun, their hardware is up for the challenge.


Happy to report, I’ve already falling asleep on this sofa under the stars and I think that speaks for itself 🤌🏼✨

Note: I was asked if you felt any discomfort sitting on the edge of the cushions… if you are 4 seated, there’s enough weight distribution to make it feel comfortable. But obviously if you are sitting alone and purposefully sitting on the cracks of the cushions, you’ll feel a dip (but who does that?!)

Neighbor Sofa Review
Seats 4 comfortably!

We are truly enjoying this sofa. We also did get the cover for it so that it can stay as clean as possible even though you can totally wash the fabric. The covers they provide fit like a glove are are easy enough to take on and off (it’s not like those covers that fit so tightly it becomes a hassle to use).

We loved the Sofa so much that we ended up also getting two black adirondack chairs (made with recycled ocean and landfill-bound HDPE plastic by POLYWOOD) and a beautiful teak coffee table, also from their Haven collection. Like the sofa, these pieces were delivered in the same fashion and assembly was just as easy.


If you are in the market for outdoor furniture, I highly recommend giving Neighbor a look. Aesthetically, it’s gorgeous. Comfort-wise, it’s passed the sleeping under the stars test. And so far, durability wise (it’s been 4 months now), I have no complaints.

Oh! And the most important part… it’s doggo approved!

Neighbor Outdoor Sofa and Furniture Review
Doggo approved!

Please enjoy the photos below of the sofa, adirondack chairs and teak coffee table and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below!

Neighbor Outdoor Furniture Review

Neighbor Outdoor Furniture Review

Neighbor Outdoor Furniture Review

Neighbor Outdoor Furniture Review

Neighbor Outdoor Furniture Review

Neighbor Outdoor Furniture Review

Neighbor Outdoor Furniture Review

Neighbor Outdoor Furniture Review

Neighbor Outdoor Furniture Review

Neighbor Outdoor Furniture Review

Neighbor Outdoor Furniture Review

Neighbor Outdoor Furniture Review

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