Thule Covert CSC Sling Review

A Perfect Small Travel Camera Bag
  • Quality
  • Padding
  • Comfort
  • Versatility
  • Aesthetic


If you’re looking for a small bag to be able to hold a CSC (Compact System Camera), this is definitely something you should consider. It ticks all the marks when it comes to finding a camera bag. The only thing you need to be considering is if it’s big enough to fit the gear you want to take with you.

Thule Covert CSC Sling

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I probably currently have 15 camera bags laying around. That’s just what I currently own. If we also talk about bags I’ve sold or given away, we’re probably more in the 50 range. So why another bag?

The first reason is because I love bags and I love variety. It took me awhile to come to terms with that, but yep, I’m an official bagaholic.

The other reason is I love to travel and every time I’m planning my next destination, I find myself yet again, surfing online trying to find another camera bag that might suit my needs better. Why not take one of the 15 I have?! I guess the answer is simple. I still haven’t found that perfect camera bag for traveling – something portable, comfortable, offers good protection and for me, has to look cool.

What I’m learning though is that there is no one bag that suits all destinations… for me anyway. I’ve finally figured out that it takes two camera bags to satisfy my needs. One large bag to hold the gear I want to to bring that will act as my carry-on and another smaller bag to take when I adventure out.

That’s where this Thule Covert CSC Sling comes in. I just love how small and easily accessible it is.

My current potential uses for this are as follows:

When I venture out and want to equip light, I’ll have my Sony a7rII on a strap out of the bag ready to shoot and a couple lenses and essentials in this pack. Second scenario is when I want two bodies and the a7RII on a strap and then my Sony a6300 with a couple lenses in the pack. For when I need to go light, that’s more than enough gear for me to have.

So let’s talk about the bag itself.

Thule Covert CSC Sling

Quality: Wow! I’ve always known Thule to have top quality accessories when it comes to auto accessories (I have their bike mount) but it’s nice to see they’ve branched out to other lifestyle accessories. Everything from the material used, zippers, clasps and even the product tags are of high quality. And then add to the fact this is water resistant, I couldn’t be more impressed!

Padding: The inserts in the sling are some of the best I’ve felt. They feel really strong but at the same time aren’t super thick. Especially the dividers with a honeycomb sort-of-pattern. I’m not sure what they did but they feel so sturdy. A lot of my other dividers have already softened up. I don’t see that happening here. This bag is waterproof too which is awesome. I also love the blue contrast.

Comfort: What I love about sling bags are the ability to quickly sling it across your body to open and access anything you might need in there. This is essential in my opinion when traveling because you’re constantly on the go. The shoulder strap is really well constructed and comfortable. My only issue is that back of the bag isn’t 100% flat so it doesn’t adhere to the form of your back. I do feel over time, it will flatten out and feel much better.

Versatility: While you can carry this bag as a sling, you can also carry it around your waist like a fanny pack. It’s actually quite comfortable but I’d only doing it when holding light items. Maybe a lens and some accessories. The bag also has many straps so that you can tighten or loosen in order to contract or expand as needed. And the coolest part? You can actually take out the camera insert and use the back as any other kind of pack.

Aesthetic: Camera bags for me have to look cool and this one definitely does in my opinion. You can really see the craftsmanship right away and I think that’s important in how a bag looks. Thule has paid great attention to the details of this bag. They also thought about how to contain straps so nothing is flapping around. Really good, well thought out design here.

Overall I’m really happy with this bag so far. I know most of my review is talking about it’s use while traveling, but even just trekking around town, it’s been awesome. The best camera is the one you have on you (even when you aren’t expecting to take photos), so I just drop my a6300 in here when I’m out and about and if I see an opportunity, my camera is available.

Thule Covert CSC Sling

Thule Covert CSC Sling

Thule Covert CSC Sling
Removable camera insert

Thule Covert CSC Sling

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11 thoughts on “Thule Covert CSC Sling Review

  • Hey man,

    Left the same exact comment on your post the DP Review site, but wasn’t sure if you’re still active on there, so here I am again!

    It’s been two years since this post, but how’s the bag holding up for you? Are you still using it, or have you found a different bag that works better? I can’t seem to see the photos you posted, so is there a way you could re-upload those?

    I’m actually in the same exact situation as you were; currently using the Incase DSLR Sling Pack, but it’s a tad big for everyday use. Tried out the Peak Design Everyday Sling too, but pretty much the same issue.

    Hope to hear back!

    p.s. If you’re no longer using the bag and looking to get rid of it, I’m down to buy it off you

    • Hey! So yea I still have the bag and still love the bag. I originally said I carried an a7rII but have since left this bag specifically for my Sony a6500. So It’s either the a6500 with the 18-105 or a6500 and two small primes. Funny you say that you tried out the Peak Design Everyday Sling… I am considering getting that bag for when I need more room but still wanna carry light lol. I also have the Incase DSRL Sling. I guess to answer your question, it’s great bag if you plan to take very little gear with you. For me, that doesn’t happen often (I usually want more gear with me than the bag could carry), but the times I just need a camera and a lens, it’s great! I see the photos on my post here, but the url had changed since my post on DPreview. I’m assuming you can see it now.

      • Thanks for writing back so quickly!

        Hmm, I see. Well my current set up is an a6000 with a couple primes, so I think it’d still be an ideal bag (at least for now, I guess :P).

        Haha I actually just received the PD Everday Sling last week, & it’s pretty much the same size as the Incase DSLR Sling. Everyday Sling definitely top the DSLR Sling with its higher quality material, versatile dividers, and ability to be worn on either shoulders, but still planning on returning it because I’m seeking something smaller.

        • Correction, I have the Incase DSLR Pr Pro Pack which is much much larger than the DSRL sling. With that said I actually just picked up the Peak Design Everyday Sling and took a photo of it with the Thule sling so you can get an idea of the size difference. I actually really like the size of the peak design for my gear:

          Thule vs Peak Design Everyday Sling

          • Ooh nice, this comparison pic helps a lot.
            Yup, it looks like the Thule CSC Sling will best fit my needs.

            Dope work you got going on, btw. Had a chance to see the rest of your website & ig.
            I’m still a newb at photography & probably won’t go past being a hobbyist, but definitely gonna keep checking on your work for inspiration 😀

            Thanks again for all your help!

  • Super late to the party, but where can I buy this bag? I played with the Peak Design 5L, and something about it I didnt like, but this looks more useful.

    However I cant find it anywhere!

    • Hey! I think you just have to get lucky online. I also have the new Peak Design 5L and I like it just as much if not better. I think its just a personal taste though as I like the styling better and it lays against my back better.

  • Hello all,
    I am looking a sling bag and interesting between Thule CSC sling and Peak Design everyday sling 5L that I think both similar capacity and good material.
    For Thule I am not sure does it fit with IPad Air2 (9.7”) ?
    However, from your experience, how is feeling comparing between Thule CSC sling and PD sling 5L ?

    Thank you and hope to get back.

    • The Thule will not fit an iPad Air… comparing the two, I actually like the PD Sling 5L more as a small camera bag. The Thule, I’m actually using more as a travel fanny pack.

      • Hey, would you mind posting a comparison pic of the Thule CSC and PD 5L sling? I saw the 10L comparison photo but I’m more interested in the smaller/lighter bag from Peak Design.
        Do you use the PD 5L sling as a fanny bag? I was hoping to use it as such on walks/city tours and on a bike (and I don’t want anything that will stick to my sweaty back, hence the fanny pack idea).

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